Business Challenge: Creating a New Implementation Process

This software organization delivers management systems to insurance agencies. They perform most implementations virtually from the home office.

The Challenge
Implementations take customers from their current product to the new management system and can take 12 weeks and longer. The competition performs implementations in 8 weeks and is making its speedier implementations a marketing advantage.

There are a number of reasons for the extended times:
  • Uneven skills within the implementation team
  • Inconsistent processes making it nearly impossible to track and control
  • Inconsistent internal procedures
  • Poor job of setting setting client expectations causing a “hurry and wait” environment.

How to eliminate the implementation bottleneck, make the entire process as transparent and open as possible, and make the process a competitive advantage?

The Solution
I developed a complete process taking a client from sales handoff to go live. The process contained 5 PowerPoint presentations and 2 phone presentations. I structured the processes around PowerPoint presentations in order to:
  • Give the implementation team templates for all conversations smoothing skill levels
  • Create a built-in deliverable at each step management can use to track the progress of each implementation
  • Order the internal procedures
  • Make it clear to customers the work involved to better set their expectations

Here is a description of the New Implementation Process.

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