Business Challenge: Building a Feedback Tool to Grow Participation

Kitzing Inc. designed and built custom tradeshow exhibits and then developed the tradeshow marketing programs that turned the structures into “selling machines.” The company had a philosophy of continuous improvement based on the ratings they received from clients in an annual performance review.

The Challenge
The company contacted its entire customer-base every year to ask for feedback on its products and services. The series of questions was in a document that the client completed and sent back. With over 50 questions, it measured a client’s satisfaction level in such areas as Service, Design Quality and Budget Control.

Because of the detail covered within the appraisal, it was cramped and daunting looking. Even so, we did receive an acceptable, though low, percentage of responses. How to raise the participation and perception of this annual program?

The Solution
While it was always the “annual performance review” to our clients, it was always the “report card” in-house. So I took advantage of that concept and created the Kitzing Report Card. I even used card stock to make them look like the report cards we used to bring home from grammar school. Based on the new format, the company:
  • Had more responses – the Kitzing Report Card was cleaner and easier to use and the report card format made it fun and inviting.
  • Had a newsworthy event – we sent releases out on the feedback tool and it was picked up in a number of tradeshow industry publications including Tradeshow Week

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