Marketing Challenge: Getting the Most Out of Appearing in a Tradeshow

Kitzing Inc designed and built custom tradeshow exhibits and then developed the tradeshow marketing programs that turned the structures into “selling machines.” The company was appearing in the Exhibitor Show, a tradeshow sponsored by Exhibitor Magazine aimed at the tradeshow industry. We would be on the floor with our competitors; companies that use exhibit-house services would be the attendees.

The Challenge
While we had a great name in the industry, we did not have the financial backing some of the newer firms had so we were somewhat limited in what we could do with large marketing programs. But we knew that our agency structure and approach could make a difference in the marketplace. We had the opportunity to deliver this message; how best to make the most of the opportunity.

The Solution
Tradeshows were our sweet spot. So while other companies could out spend us they could not out plan us. I used our own philosophy to turn our exhibit into a “selling machine” by developing a Tradeshow Marketing plan. The plan covered the following areas:
  • Situation – A snapshot overview of what was happening within the company
  • Show Selection – A discussion of why we chose this show
  • Objectives – Details on exactly what we wanted to achieve by appearing at the show
  • Strategy – How we will use the show to improve our situation; the individual tactics we will utilize to meet our objectives
  • Physical Exhibit / Attraction – The general approach for the construction and our in-booth activities
  • Measurement / Results – Compiled after the show to compare our actual performance to our objectives

Here is the Tradeshow Marketing Plan I developed for Kitzing's appearance at the Exhibitor Show.

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