Marketing Challenge: Creating the Image for a New Product Launch

Lapmaster International was introducing their new diamond lapping/polishing systems at Westec and Acers, two tradeshows aimed at the manufacturing industry. Lapping is the process used in manufacturing to create ultra-smooth surfaces.

The Challenge
To highlight the new product, Lapmaster wanted support material with a completely different look than they had used in the past. Since technology was so important in this industry, they wanted to make sure that the text correctly supported the technology. They also wanted to reuse as much of the art, text and photography as possible.

How to create a new image while reusing as much of the material as possible to keep the entire program as cost effective as possible?

The Solution
We created a project with three separate finished pieces:

This was the main piece. The clean style mirrored the new white machines. The design elements were the types of components that manufacturers would lap or polish using this equipment – giving the technician familiar images.

We wrote the brochure text from the early product specifications and had it edited and verified by the engineering staff for accuracy; we were able to reuse some of the text for the ad and the press releases. 

To spread the costs, we were able to:
  • Design the show ad to re-use many of the images we had for the brochure
  • Produce a single ad for both shows which also highlighted the cross-over use of the equipment
  • Utilize elements of the text in all deliverables

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