Technical Challenge: Getting Users Up-to-Speed with a New Product

SAP Campbell specializes in workforce automation software, in particular labor scheduling and time and attendance management.

SAP Campbell Time & Attendance automates most functions of the in-store time accounting and payroll procedures performed by store managers. This includes collecting, recording, calculating, summing, and reporting workforce time and attendance records.

The Challenge
The most important system in any company is payroll. SAP Campbell Time & Attendance feeds into the payroll system, greatly reducing a store manager’s time in preparing their payroll data. While the application offers time savings, the store managers need to know how to run it. How do you get time-challenged store managers up-to-speed as quickly as possible on a new software application?.

The Solution
I produced a user’s guide directed specifically at store managers. The target audience wanted to be out on the store floor, not sitting at the computer. This meant I had to create documentation that was detailed yet accessible.

The key points of my delivery included:
  • Callouts on the screens to better define individual screen elements
  • Tables whenever possible to better organize the text
  • A structure based on the application menu to make it easier for the store manager to find information
  • A philosophy of one procedure per topic to help store managers focus on the tasks they needed to complete their work
  • Tables listing the daily and weekly tasks store managers must perform to use the application effectively.

Here is a link to the SAP Campbell Time & Attendance User’s Guide.

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