Technical Challenge: Reducing Overall Implementation Time

SAP Campbell specializes in workforce automation software, in particular labor scheduling and time and attendance management.

StaffWorks® (a product of SAP Campbell) is an advanced labor scheduling system with proven results in decreasing payroll costs, increasing floor coverage and improving both customer and employee satisfaction. It converts scheduling from a necessary, tedious, clerical function into an analytical, business management process.

The Challenge
When Campbell became SAP Campbell, StaffWorks became an SAP product. Implementation teams at SAP are trained to use customizing in the SAP IMG for all standard SAP products. StaffWorks was not a standard product and had completely different customizing requirements.

Additionally, because of the level of detailed information necessary to fine tune the application for a specific organization’s needs, implementing the product can be difficult and time consuming.

How to help implementation teams understand the StaffWorks implementation process and reduce the overall time necessary for them to complete their work?

The Solution
I developed the StaffWorks Configuration Workbook to solve both challenges
  • It gave organizations a means to identify the preliminary information required to configure the StaffWorks system
  • It led implementation teams not familiar with StaffWorks a path through the implementation process

By following the workbook, implementation teams could get StaffWorks up and running as quickly as possible. Then, once organizations could see StaffWorks running with their own data, the teams could more easily fine-tune the product to meet the organization's specific requirements.

Here is a link to the StaffWorks Combined Configuration Workbook.

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