Business Challenge: Training Internal Project Managers

The SAP Suite Extensions Knowledge Management (SE KM) team is comprised of over 100 authors and translators distributed between 7 offices located in 5 countries. The knowledge management team produces up to 18 information deliverables for each software release. These can include such things as terminology, system texts, messages, implementation information, help portal content, and guides for installation, security and operations.

To build teamwork across the group, every team member was assigned to a project (workpackage, in SAP-speak) in areas SE KM Management wanted to expand and grow, such as Innovation and Feedback.

The Challenge
There were lots of projects. And colleagues were being thrust into project lead roles with little or no support. How to get project leads the information they needed so they could organize and run an internal project to a successful conclusion?

The Solution
I developed a class covering Project Management Essentials I could deliver to the project leads in a 90-minute virtual session. Though it covered general project management concepts, it also contained information that was very specific to our group.

Because of the time zone differences, I held two sessions at different times to make the class as accessible as possible. I had over 25 people attend the class between the two sessions.

Here is the link to the Project Management Essentials presentation.

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