Business Challenge: Providing a Platform for Innovation

The SAP Suite Extensions Knowledge Management (SE KM) team is comprised of over 100 authors and translators distributed between 7 offices located in 5 countries. The knowledge management team produces up to 18 information deliverables for each software release. These can include such things as terminology, system texts, messages, implementation information, help portal content, and guides for installation, security and operations.

SAP runs company-wide surveys where Managers are held accountable for poor rankings within their area, and we had just received the survey findings for the year.

The Challenge
Based on survey results, SE KM Management was ranked low in providing team members with a voice in the direction of the department. In response to the survey rankings, SE KM Management organized a project to bring innovation to the group to help improve employee satisfaction and dispel the feeling that Management was not open to change.

How to bring innovation to a group where team members felt they had no voice and that whatever they suggested would be ignored by Management?

The Solution
We knew that our solution would need to be simple to implement and manage, have the support of the SE KM Management Team and be open and transparent to a global team.

Because the group works with very tangible elements, we had two other requirements:
  • We had to have a name for the program that would work in both English and German
  • We had to package and define the program boundaries

Our innovation plaform became the PROposing IMProvements Tool (PROMPT). We also created a complete process describing the steps from entering a suggestion to implementing the change and developed all of the support material for the program. Here are the links to our PROMPT presentation and the Now A Word From... commercial I created and gave at a team meeting promoting PROMPT.

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