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8 Tips on Writing a Great Procedure

by Dan Knopoff on 03/16/10

Large or small organizations cannot afford to give people the wrong instructions; these 8 tips can help you write a great procedure.

  1. Know where the procedure fits in the entire process
  2. Know who you are writing it for
  3. Give it a great name
  4. Tell them what this is for
  5. Explain what they need before they start
  6. Make sure the procedure only covers one thing
  7. Make sure each step is one action
  8. Give them the result and any next steps

For more information, download the pdf 8 Tips on Writing a Great Procedure with the details.

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1. Michael Smilg said on 3/18/10 - 06:23AM
This is good advice. Nothing that you shouldn't already know but it is helpful to see it all laid out - a procedure for writing a procedure

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