Knowledge Support for Your SAP Applications
Are you a company using consultants to support your SAP applications?
Or, have you hired full-time SAP professionals to work at your firm? You demand SAP certification for your technical development resources; shouldn't you demand the same thing for your information development resources? We can help you reduce your support costs by filling that information gap between what your development team delivered and what your users really need.

Are you a consulting organization delivering SAP projects?
Or, are you an independent consultant requiring a trained information development resource? You already have enough to worry about when it comes to meeting the technical needs of your SAP project; now they want you to meet the user's needs too? We can improve your professional deliveries and reduce your overall support needs by supplying the technical and user information your clients really need.

With our experience creating knowledge deliverables for SAP systems using SAP tools, we can:
  • Customize generic IMG texts and messages
  • Create meaningful internal end-user documentation from SAP Help Portal texts
  • Ensure internal system documentation is in English that your users’ will understand
  • Help you prepare for localization

SAP Knowledge Management support from Communicate Virtually Anything. SAP-trained knowledge management resources. As an introduction to the work we deliver, here are samples of the documentation we produced for two SAP applications.

SAP Promotion Management for Retail 7.0:

SAP Workforce Management 3.1:

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